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Woven Religious Tapestry Wall Hanging S14

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Woven Religious Tapestry Wall Hanging Icon Saint George and the Dragon.

These beautiful tapestries create most unique beauty in any room or home as wall decor.

Since the times of Ancient Rome, images of the Christian faith including cherubs and angels have been painted on fresco walls in Europe and the Middle East in the 13th century.

This evolved to wall tapestries that were used to show important biblical events and stories.

You can use religious or Christian art to inspire and to create a wonderful look and feel that you are looking for. You convey the innocent charm of cherubs from Byzantine and Renaissance artists such as Raphael, the sheer beauty of angels, or biblical scenes.

Inspirational Christian wall hangings are superb pieces of religious wall decor full of meaning. Whichever effect you desire, you can achieve it with Woven Religious Tapestry Wall Hanging for your favorite place.

They are the approximate thickness of canvas and have a smooth silky feel to them.

Size: W: 5 cm, H: 20 cm  ( Approx )

Weight : 50 gr ( Approx )

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