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Vintage Salt & Pepper Grinder Mill Large

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Turkish Handmade Coffee Salt & Pepper, Spice Grinder Mill in Vintage Rose Colour

Height : 8.6″ – 22 cm

Diameter : 1.4″ – 3.5 cm

Made of Metal Only (Zamak) 

Made In Turkey

These grinders can be used for salt & pepper, spice, and Turkish coffee.

Produces about 3-4 cups worth of coffee grounds at a time.

Smoother grinding.

Fastest grinder capable of handling the Turkish Coffee.

Turkish coffee requires an extremely fine grind - finer than espresso - and should feel like powder. 

Please note that this product is a delicate item and not recommended for everyday use!

This item must not be washed to prevent discoloring and rust. The product should be cleaned with wet wipes and dry immediately as water leave some watermarks on the product after drying.

Never use steel wool or abrasive pads to clean your grinder.

Please disassemble the item when cleaning!

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