Turkish Towel Classic Striped Pink

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  • Product Description

      Turkish Towel 100% Cotton Classic Collection Striped in Pink Colour.

      The original Turkish towels also are known as Pestemals are made in Turkey. Our products are all woven in traditional methods and we only use Turkish cotton for the best quality. They are light, colourful, and comfortable to use. This range combines beautifully with the Classic Peshtemals range.

      - Pink Colour

      - Size: 100 x 180 cm

      - Soft Turkish Cotton


      - Key Features

      • Thin and Light
      • Quick Dry
      • Highly Absorbance
      • Takes up very little space
      • Easy to carry
      • Eco-Friendly
      • Uses less energy while washing and drying 
      • Beach & Bath Towel
      • 100 % Turkish Cotton


        Use & Care

        The colour is maintained by not using oxidising detergents, bleaching agents or optical brighteners. Absorbency is also maintained by not using fabric softener

        - Perfect for travelling, kids, sarong, scarf, beach

        - Machine washable

        - Iron with medium heat

        - Hang to dry


        Made in Turkey


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