Turkish Tablecloth Tulip Collection, Green


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      Turkish Tablecloth Tulip Collection - Green

      Tulip collection is one of the beautiful flower designs during Tulip Period ( 1717-1730). Tulip has play an important role in Turkish lifestyle, art and folklore.

      Although tulip become well known and popular in Holland, Tulip is actually a Central Asia native plant especially in Turkey and Iran. The name Tulip is from Tulipa is derived from "Tulbend " in Turkish word  and "Turban"  in Persian. It's considered as the King of Bulbs.


      It is perfect idea for home decor, living harmoniously in both ethnic designs and modern lifestyles. It can be used as couch covers and bedspreads. 

      In addition, there is a wide range of Turkish textiles such as cushion covers and tablecloths as well.


       Key Features;

      - Square tablecloth size  approx. 160 cm x 160 cm

      - Material: Velvet polyester & Acrylic


      Use & Care Instructions;

      - Hand wash, Warm

      - Do Not Bleach

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