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Turkish Greek Evil Eye Glass

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Evil Eye Glass design has been added to the beads that were shaped with great skills in Anatolia since the time of Phoenicians and thus first evil eyes have come out. For hundreds of years, glass beads with eye symbol have been known to be protective against the evil eye and they have been used. These evil eyes originating from Anatolia have spread to many different cultures from here.

Crystal evil eyes are being created by forming four layers of crystal glasses with 4 different colours and by draining them on top of another. Evil eyes are being formed pouring the glowing glass taken from the glass pool with the help of a gathering iron into a flat plate not using any moulds and by adding a new colour on top without cooling the glass at the bottom and by repeating this process according to the number of colours in the amulet.

Evil eyes that are produced by using the “free shaping” production method which requires the harmonious working of four people at the same time, show differences in production techniques and therefore evil eye glass not exactly the same with one another.

- %100 Original Authentic Handmade Glass ( not machine-made )

Available Sizes;

3 cm ( 1.2" )

4 cm ( 1.58" )

5.5 cm ( 2.15" )

7.5 cm ( 3" )

8.5 cm ( 3.4" )

10 cm ( 4.3" )

15 cm ( 5.7" )

22 cm ( 8.7" )


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