Turkish Coasters Flower Collection Two Tone Light Green


  • Product Description

      Hand painted Turkish coasters are unique pieces that can be used as a hot teacup or mug holder and etc.

      The flower coasters come with a floral artistic style inspired by 16th-century pottery artworks. Flowers have always had an important part in Turkish life and culture, especially Tulip and Carnation as well as Roses, Hyacinth, and Magnolia. The flower coasters are available in various color combinations and patterns.

      Key features;

      - Light green two tone color

      - Handmade ceramic coasters

      - Hand wash

      - Washable

      - %100 Heat resistant

      - Surface protective foam

  • Turkish Lamps


      Sydney Grand Bazaar’s authentic Turkish lamps are completely handmade and handcrafted by the expert craftsmanship. To create a unique mosaic lamp, many coloured glasses are cut into small pieces and glued together on a glass shade to create the pattern. By individually made, it can be only similar but there are not exactly two the same that makes this authentic Turkish lamp very special.



      Turkish Lamps

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      Turkish Teapot Lamps

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      Turkish Wall Lights

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      We are also more than happy to assist you with your any specific Turkish lamp enquiries.



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