Karaca Nostalji Breakfast Serving Set for 6


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       Feel the magic of blue at breakfast with Karaca Nostalji 26-piece Breakfast Set! The Nostalji breakfast set, which will bring a stylish look to your breakfast table with its unique blue color and floral patterns, will be a guest on your table for many years with its naturalness and high durability coming from the Stoneware technique. You will enjoy a complete breakfast with this 26-piece porcelain set, which includes 6 cake plates, tea cups, saucers, 4 jam bowls, 2 medium-sized boat-type plates, and 2 cheese bowls.


      Karaca Nostalji 26 Piece Breakfast/Serving Set for 6 Persons

      Pieces Included;

      6 Cake Plates 21 cm
      6 Tea Cups
      6 Tea Plates 12.5 cm
      4 Jam Bowls 12 cm
      2 Medium Size Oval shaped plates 22 cm
      2 Cheese Serving Plates 17 cm
      Material: Stoneware


      Ürün İçeriği;

      6 Adet Pasta Tabağı 21 cm
      6 Adet Çay Bardağı
      6 Adet Çay Tabağı 12,5 cm
      4 Adet Reçellik 12 cm
      2 Adet Orta Boy Kayık 22 cm
      2 Adet Peynirlik 17 cm

      What is Stoneware?

      Its shape and color are derived from white kaolin clay; Its glassy appearance comes from quartz stone; It gets its hard and durable structure from feldspar minerals.

      Superior Resistance

      It is resistant to scratches thanks to its hard structure due to its glazing at higher temperatures than ceramics, above 1200°C. It is not affected by acid.

      No Porosity No Cracking

      It resists cracking because its porosity structure is low. In this way, it does not absorb water and does not harbor bacteria. It does not contain taste or odor.


      It is healthy because it does not contain heavy metals such as lead.

      Cleaning and Maintenance

      It can be easily cleaned.
      It is hygienic thanks to its waterproof feature.
      Thanks to its durable structure, it can be used in the microwave and freezer.
      It will not be damaged in the dishwasher.
      Thanks to its natural structure, it maintains the temperature of the food for a long time.

      What Should Be Considered for Long-Lasting Use?

      It should not be exposed to direct fire.
      When storing your products on top of each other, placing a soft separator such as paper or fabric between them will help protect your product to last much longer.

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