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Handmade Wooden 9 Drawers Storage Box Red Colour

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 Small 9 Handmade Ceramic Drawers Storage Box in Red Colour

Handmade Wooden Drawer Storage in red colour is a beautiful colourful chest box for storing small staffs such as trinkets and precious items. This piece features a matte finish wood body set with painted ceramic drawers in traditional Iznik art patterns and different colours.

This handmade wooden box with hand painted ceramic drawers is perfect for storing essentials such as jewellery, gifts and spices!

Made from quality vintage wood with various different ceramic drawers. Handcrafted in Turkey.

Size: 24.5 x 23.5 x10 cm

- 9 of Small Size Turkish Handmade and Handpainted Ceramic Drawers 11 x 5 cm







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