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What is The Power of the Evil Eye Talisman?

Have you ever heard of the evil eye talisman? It’s an ancient symbol that has been used to ward off bad luck, misfortune, and negative energies for centuries. Whether you’re a believer or sceptic, it’s always interesting to learn about the history and power behind this mysterious charm. Let’s dive into what exactly an evil eye talisman is and how it works.

What Is An Evil Eye Protection?

An evil eye talisman is an object or symbol typically made out of glass or metal that is believed to ward off danger and protect against bad luck, negative energy, and jealousy. It can be worn as jewellery or hung in homes or places of business as decoration. Many cultures have their own version of the evil eye talisman; in some cases, it is a simple blue eye-shaped amulet, while in other cases it may be more ornate with intricate designs and colourful beads.


History of the Greek Mati Evil Eye Talisman

The origin of the evil eye which is also known as "Mati" dates back more than 3,000 years ago to Ancient Greece and Rome. The belief was that if someone looked at something with envy or malice, they could put a curse on that object with their gaze. To protect against this perceived danger, people began wearing blue glass beads in the shape of eyes as a form of protection. 

Today, you can find many different variations of the evil eye talisman throughout many cultures around the world. In Turkey, it’s referred to as “Nazar Boncugu” and is often seen hanging from rear-view mirrors in cars or on doorways outside homes. In India and Nepal it’s known as “Nazar Surai” and is commonly worn by Hindus as a necklace or bracelet for protection against negative energy.

The Symbolism Behind the Evil Eye

The symbolism behind the evil eye talisman goes back thousands of years. It has been used by many different cultures who believe that it protects its bearer from those who would do them harm with their envy or ill wishes. In some cases, it’s also believed to protect against natural disasters like floods and earthquakes. The power of the evil eye talisman comes from its ability to absorb negative energy and deflect it away from its wearer. 
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How Does It Work?

The purpose of an evil eye talisman is to provide protection from bad luck or any unwanted negative energy from others. The blue colour of the stone symbolizes warding off negativity while also promoting feelings of calmness, peace, and tranquillity. Some believe that when someone looks upon your evil eye talisman with envy or malice, their negative energy will be reflected back at them instead of being absorbed by you.              

How To Use An Evil Eye?

Using an evil eye talisman can be as simple as wearing one as jewellery or hanging one up in your home or office space. Some people even choose to carry one around with them throughout the day for extra protection! There are also specific rituals associated with activating an evil eye talisman; these vary depending on culture but often involve reciting mantras or prayers while holding the amulet close to your heart. By taking part in these rituals, you are showing intentionality towards using your amulet for protection which is belived that it may help increase its effectiveness!


Whether you believe in its protective power or not, there’s no denying that the evil eye talisman carries a certain mystique about it that makes it appealing to many people around the world. From warding off bad luck to absorbing negative energy, this ancient symbol still holds relevance today for those seeking protection from unseen forces. What’s more appealing that it looks great whether you wear it as jewellery or hang it up as decor to your home, workplace or for your business! So why not give this timeless symbol a try? Whether you believe in its power or not, having a physical reminder that your life is surrounded by positivity can never hurt! Who knows you might just feel safer with an evil eye talisman by your side. Plus they make great conversation starters!



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