Lezzo Turkish Orange Tea 700gr


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      Lezzo Orange Tea

      This Lezzo brand instant flavored Turkish orange tea is the most popular brand in Turkey since 1976. It is also well known by the visitors who have been to Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

      700gr net weight. It comes in a tin. 


      Explore the flavors of Istanbul with this crisp, sweet fresh orange tea. Dissolves right in your cup!

      Our products are originally from Turkey and are delivered directly from Sydney.

      LEZZO Orange Tea can be consumed either with hot water as a refreshing or cold drink. This traditional orange taste is well known all over the world as TURKISH ORANGE TEA.


      Sugar, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Maltodextrin, Vitamin C, Anti-Granular Agent


      To prepare instant Orange Tea, place two teaspoons of powder tea mixture into a suitable cup, pour in hot water and stir, add sugar if you like. 
      Alternatively, for cold refreshing drink place two teaspoons of the mixture into a glass, pour in cold water and stir until it is dissolved.


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